Our Special Programs

Little Big Minds has adopted a number of “Special Programs” to enhance its curriculum. Through “Special Programs” our little BIG minds are introduced, in more depth, to specific activities and concepts.  Each of these programs provides an opportunity to engage students in the world around them, increases hands-on exposure to specific developmental skills and enhances our academic focus.

Healthy Bodies/Healthy Minds

Little Big Minds Yoga

Our Little Big Minds students will benefit from our Kids In Motion Class once a week. This is a customized yoga and PE program that focuses on psychomotor (coordination, manipulation, balance, etc…) and gross motor skill development and incorporates the importance of learning to exercise and eating right. Our children are always on the GO but we dedicate time every week to intentionally building the mind/body connection through a certified yoga/PE instructor. Additionally, we work with a nationally recognized nutritionist and clean eating expert, Michelle Dudash, to incorporate healthy snacks and nutritious eating habits in our classes and on our campuses.

Building Knowledge Partners

Building Knowledge Partners

We have regular visits from the Arizona Science Center’s – Science on Wheels®. This program brings Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.) to life! Hands-on experiences are aligned with our curriculum, standards and objectives. Children have the opportunity to deepen their learning through STEM topics such as Bubble-ology, Gross-ology, and DinoMITE.  This program enhances school-ready skills such as problem-solving, communication, persistence, and confidence and it helps students build real connections to the world around them. These programs vary by campus and are sponsored by each PTO.

Conscious Discipline-Kindness Counts

Conscious Discipline

Students have the opportunity to practice compassion, self-control, problem solving skills and responsibility through the “Conscious Discipline” program.  Kindness is a virtue that we all want our children to possess but sometimes we wonder, “Are they getting it?” Through this program, our little BIG minds will have the opportunity to discuss, explore, witness and share kindness with one another. We will work in the classroom to show children what kindness and self regulation looks like and how to pass it on.  Kindness Week is an annual celebration at LBM devoted to raising awareness as a school family about values and helping the community around us.

Public Speaking is an Art

Public Speaking

Bilingual Public Speaking is a GIFT! At Little Big Minds, we don’t teach Spanish, we just teach IN Spanish. Part of learning every language is learning to produce the language spontaneously and then, being able to effectively communicate your ideas in groups. We believe that young students are not only capable of learning to share their ideas publicly but that in doing so, they earn confidence and self-esteem. We invite children to practice their Spanish through daily interaction in the classroom but we also create opportunities for students to practice the art of public speaking through special events and, of course, they do it ALL in Spanish.

Community Garden

Our community garden provides opportunity to discuss science (plant life cycle), health and nutrition, culture, food distribution, marketplace activities and more. It is a living garden and the cornerstone of many of our learning objectives.