It Takes a Village


There is no better way to nurture children than to surround them with people who care. We have an open-door policy. We invite and encourage parent involvement and participation in each of the following ways:

  • Classroom Coordinator(s)
  • Cultural Fridays (share your heritage, talent, or profession)
  • Classroom projects
  • Classroom parties and special events
  • PTO Parent Teacher Organization (Active or Board Member)
  • Annual PTO Event
  • Parenting classes
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Planting Activities and more
  • Field Day
  • Lunch Time Visitors


Our teachers are experienced, happy educators who place emphasis on the development of language skills through appropriate expressions of feelings, opportunities for social interaction and building friendships.

All our wonderful teachers “Maestras” are native Spanish-speakers. We have teachers from Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Mexico, Peru and more! The lead teachers hold degrees in Education and/or have years of experience in early childhood education.

We believe that in all classrooms but especially in true language immersion classrooms, small ratios are important. Each LBM classroom is staffed by two teachers, keeping a maximum student/ teacher ratio of 7:1 in the two-year old room and 9:1 in the older classrooms.  Our low ratios ensure that your children receive as much one-on-one attention as possible.


Little Big Minds is committed to facilitating an environment where children become active participants in the world in which they live. We encourage self-respect and respect for friends, school and the world around them. We work to engage students in opportunities to inspire creativity and exploration.

 We believe that every child is the star of their own show. We strive to help children find their stage. We bring children together through creative play and by learning to express themselves they gain confidence and awareness of self and others.

We know that your child’s education and well-being are your highest. Teaching children to love learning is our real passion. We work very hard to create magical spaces where children have the freedom to explore, learn, make mistakes and GROW. These are, after all, the formative years. While we know there are great gains to be harnessed by learning a second language by the age of 5, we recognize that the real “win” is opening children’s eyes to the wonder of the world around them. . Imagine the WORLD of possibilities.


Pilar, I wanted Maestra’s Elda & Paty to know how well Gavin is doing. Along with what I wrote below, Gavin has now been helping others learn the Spanish Alphabet, and he’s been moved to a more advanced group for all subjects. The LBM team really did a great job preparing Gavin for Kindergarten!!!

The Rumack Family

Little Big Minds Preschool is not a day care. Kids’ learn structure, routine, compassion, values, world culture, reading, writing and, of course, Spanish! My children thrived at Little Big Minds. The teachers are not only nurturing but also dedicated, competent early childhood educators. They made every day an adventure and every task a triumph of creativity. My children learned Spanish without even knowing that they were learning a second language. Even more impressively, they learned to love learning and, for that, we will be forever grateful.

The Hunkins Family

We have had our son in the LBM immersion preschool last year and this year. He started last year with basically no Spanish vocabulary and is now practically fluent in Spanish. The teachers and the program are amazing! The academic side of it speaks for itself, but they are also so welcoming and caring. [He] already has his spot to start next year in BPA FLI program and we are so excited to be able to offer this opportunity to him. The campus has such warmth to it that we felt the day we first discovered it. I am happy to already have that comfort level with the school and I know [he] will also feel that as well. It will make the transition to kindergarten a lot easier for him and I’m sure for other LBM kids as well

The Rathvon Family

We could not have made a better choice. Little Big Minds has become a home to our children. Each day, they received with joy and love. They are praised for their accomplishments, encourage thought their challenges and loved though bad choices. Their teachers nurture their hearts and their minds.

The Mamani Family