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COVID-19 Guidelines

We are all understandably concerned about recent news related to COVID-19. The safety of children in our care is our highest priority. As a preschool, we recognize that child health includes social, emotional, and mental well-being. Providing a safe place for children to learn and grow together can be critically important to establish a sense of comfort and normalcy.

Our HEROES campaign is designed to guide our approach to life at the preschool in the fall, but also to encourage the entire LBM community to work together to mitigate community spread. Over the last few months, we have carefully monitored the pandemic developments, and, in response, we will be implementing the following policies and procedures on our campuses. We will ensure our children are nurtured, loved, and joyfully engaged in their preschool experience in this new reality.

We appreciate your support as we move forward together and embrace this new normal with patience, understanding, and unity.

H ygiene.

  1. Children will wash hands upon arrival prior to class and throughout the day.
  2. We will educate children about how to cover their cough or sneeze.
  3. We will work to follow CDC guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing toys and surfaces whenever possible.
  4. Playground equipment will be cleaned between classroom visits.

E mpower.

Parents should check their children’s temperature from home, prior to school, every day. We have a collective responsibility to protect one another. Please keep your child home if they are exhibiting shortness of breath or rapid breathing, cough, fever, lethargy, flushed cheeks, or other COVID-related symptoms.

R ecognize.

  1. If a child shows signs of illness in the classroom, they will immediately be removed and isolated in a private area. Parents will be asked to pick their child up and keep their child home until they are able to provide a doctor’s note to return to class. A child who exhibits 2 or more symptoms on the COVID checklist will not be able to return to school without a doctor’s note.
  2. If a child in the classroom exhibits any of the symptoms related to COVID, the child will be sent home and all families of children in that class will be notified of the symptoms.
  3. A child who tests positive for COVID will not be able to return to the classroom for 10 days.

O rganize.

  1. Children will be placed in classrooms according to age and program.
  2. Children will stay with their class all day. We will attempt to prevent or limit all co-mingling of children wherever possible.
  3. Curbside or gate service will be available on all campuses. Teachers will wear masks to collect students from your vehicle or meet you at the gate and walk children to their classroom. Parents will sign children in/out from their car or at the gate using a QR scanner. We encourage adults to wear mask at drop off and pick up.

E mbrace.

Because it’s the right thing to do.

S pace.

  1. No parents will be allowed on campus until further notice (except in case of emergency). We know this feels scary and it is contrary to all of our core values (community, collaboration, cooperation) but, the need to limit exposure is paramount. We will joyfully welcome parents back on campus as soon as it is safe to do so.
  2. Playground times will be staggered and only one class will use the playground at a time.
  3. Classroom parties and school events will be “children only.” We will provide you with live streaming experiences, videos, and lots of pictures so you can be part of all of these magical moments as much as possible.
  4. All enrichment and aftercare activities have been postponed until further notice.

We appreciate your support as we move forward together and embrace this new normal with patience, understanding, and unity.

What is going to be different this school year?2020-07-13T20:33:24+00:00
  • Children will stay with their class all day. We will attempt to prevent or limit all co-mingling of children wherever possible.
  • No parents will be allowed on campus until further notice (except in case of emergency).
  • All arrivals and departures will be done through curbside drop-off/pick-up.
  • All community events, enrichments, and afterschool independent providers programs (i.e. Flamenco, soccer, etc.) are postponed until further notice.
  • Classroom parties will be “children only.”
Can I still visit my child’s classroom?2020-07-13T20:33:45+00:00

Parents will not be allowed on campus except in case of an emergency.

Child safety is of paramount importance and one of the best ways we can limit unnecessary exposure is to limit the number of adults on campus. Throughout our history, we have celebrated our Open Door policy and we have invited and encouraged parent participation and involvement on our campuses. We can’t wait to welcome you back to our classrooms. Until then, thank you for your understanding as we work together to protect one another.

What cleaning measures are being implemented?2020-07-13T20:34:55+00:00

Classroom surfaces, furniture, and toys will be cleaned daily. We are using guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting set forth by the Center for Disease Control and approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

As a parent, what new expectations are there of me with regard to COVID-19?2021-01-05T03:29:19+00:00

You can help us by embracing the HEROES guidelines attached here.

• Take your children’s temperature daily,
• Work with your children to teach and reinforce proper hygiene at home.
• Maintain social distance at arrival and departure times.
• Avoid gathering in groups.
• Model mask-wearing and encourage children to wear masks in all public places.
• Keep your children home if they are sick.

Will children be required to wear masks?2020-07-13T20:35:40+00:00

Children will not be required to wear masks but are encouraged to do so. 

For toddlers, masks can be uncomfortable and, in fact, often lead children to touch their nose and mouth more often. Enforcing mask use in the classroom for extended periods of time will be difficult. We will focus instead on regular handwashing, encouraging children to keep their hands away from their mouths and eyes and disinfecting shared toys and surfaces regularly.

Will teachers and staff be required to wear masks?2021-01-05T03:31:30+00:00

Teachers will wear clear masks during drop off and pick up daily and throughout the day in the classroom. Staff will be reminded not to touch their face covering and to wash their hands frequently.

How is drop-off and pickup handled this year?2020-07-13T20:40:15+00:00

Due to restricted parent access, arrivals and departures will be handled through curbside service and staggered pickup/drop-off times. Parents should wait in their vehicle for a masked staff member to meet them and walk their children to their classrooms.

Will my child’s temperature be taken each day?2020-07-13T20:41:27+00:00

We are asking parents to conduct daily health screenings prior to sending their child to school. Using the “LBM Daily Health Screening” (below), parents should check for any change in symptoms.  If a child exhibits any of the listed symptoms they should not be sent to school.  Combatting this illness and preventing its spread is all of our responsibilities.  Parents will be asked to acknowledge that they have successfully completed the symptom check when they sign their child in each day.

What symptoms require that I pick up my child?2021-01-05T03:33:13+00:00
Fever / Chills / Sweats
Shortness of Breath or Rapid Breathing
Fatigue / Lethargy
Nasal Congestion/Runny Nose
Body Aches
Loss of Taste and/or Smell

Children who are sent home from school with two(2) or more of the above symptoms must provide a doctor’s note to confirm the symptoms are not related to COVID prior to their return to school.   If a child presents with a fever, they must stay home for a minimum of 72 hours for ongoing monitoring and they must present a doctor’s note to return to school.

What happens if a child or teacher tests positive for COVID?2021-01-05T03:35:28+00:00

The person who tests positive must stay home for 10 days from the initial presentation of symptoms.

Everyone (children and teachers) in the affected classroom will be quarantined for 7 days and must provide proof of a negative COVID test to return to class. (Note: Test must be performed no earlier than day 5).  If you choose not to provide proof of a negative COVID test, you must quarantine for the full 10-day period to ensure the absence of symptoms.

Important: We will not refund tuition for a single 7-day closure.  If there is a second 7-day closure in a one-month period, we will credit the pro-rata amount equal to 5 school days (weekend days not included) toward the next month’s tuition. No more than 10-day credit will be given in a single month.

What if someone in my household has tested positive?2021-01-05T03:36:20+00:00

To stop the spread, we will require children with family members or members of their household who have tested positive to stay home for 7 days and provide proof of a negative COVID test for the affected family member and the child before returning to school. (Note: Test must be performed no earlier than day 5).  If you choose not to provide proof of a negative COVID test(s), the child/teacher must quarantine for the full 10-day period to ensure the absence of symptoms.

Under what circumstances do I need to provide a doctor’s note for my child to return to school?2021-01-05T03:37:06+00:00
  • During this time of heightened concern, please understand that we will err on the side of caution. We are tasked with protecting all of the children in our care.  If a child is exhibiting symptoms, we will ask their parent to pick them up.
  • If a child presents with two or more persistent symptoms that align with COVID, a doctor’s note will be required prior to their return to class. For example, if a child has shortness of breath and a runny nose related to allergies, a doctor’s note would confirm that the symptoms are not related to COVID. If your child has any of the above symptoms and you are confident they are not related to COVID, please be proactive and seek a doctor’s note in advance.
  • If a child tests positive for COVID they must stay home for 10 days or provide proof of a negative test.
  • If a child has a fever, they must stay home for 72 hours and provide a doctor’s note to return to school.
How will LBM track and trace COVID exposure and transmission?2020-07-13T20:43:08+00:00

As a childcare provider licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services we are always required to report communicable diseases to the local health agency through the Communicable Diseases Outbreak Report.

What are the common areas and how often will they be sanitized?2020-07-13T20:43:21+00:00

Playgrounds are the only common areas. 

High-touch surfaces will be sprayed with DHS approved disinfectant after each class use and before the next class enters the playground.

How often are teachers being tested for COVID?2020-08-21T03:44:58+00:00

Prior to their return to work, all teachers will be asked a series of risk questions.  An affirmative response to any of those questions will trigger mandatory testing.  In the absence of these risk factors, a teacher would be tested if they exhibited symptoms or if there were a change in their risk factors (traveling outside of the US, exposure to someone with COVID, the presence of a fever).

What happens if school is closed for an extended period of time by Arizona mandate?2021-01-05T03:39:21+00:00

If we are forced to close campuses at any time due to government mandate or force majeure, we will follow the financial policy set forth in our Parent Handbook which states that we will not refund the current month’s tuition but future charges will be halted until the school can re-open.

Will the student-teacher ratio change?2020-07-13T20:43:49+00:00

Given limited classroom space and teaching staff, student/teacher ratios will not change for the coming year. No care beyond your program extra hours option available in the fall.

Will all parents be notified of a positive COVID-19 result in any of the classrooms?2021-01-05T03:41:19+00:00

All parents will be notified of a positive COVID result on campus. Please understand that due to privacy laws, we cannot disclose ANY individually identifiable information about the affected person (even whether the affected person is a child or an adult).

If one of my child’s teachers is absent, who will cover for them?2020-07-13T20:44:17+00:00

Since we are not mixing classes for aftercare, each classroom has a dedicated aftercare teacher. If a morning teacher is absent the designated aftercare teacher will substitute wherever possible. If an aftercare teacher is absent, a morning teacher will stay for aftercare.

How does nap time work and how often will nap bedding be cleaned?2020-07-13T20:44:45+00:00

Children will nap in their own classrooms. Napping mats will be kept 6 feet apart from each other. Each child will have an individual mat, labeled with his/her name. Children may bring lovies or blankets from home that will remain on their own nap bags or their cubbies after nap. Nap bedding will go home once a week on Friday to be brought back on Mondays.

Let's be HEROES for our little BIG minds together.

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The decision to return to school is highly personal and should be made by each family based on the child’s present health, the risk of infection, and the presence of any vulnerable individuals within their household.  Sending your child to school is voluntary.  Little Big Minds will take appropriate precautions whenever possible, but there are inherent risks of exposure in all school environments.

By sending your child to school, you acknowledge the risks and agree to hold harmless, Little Big Minds, its representatives, or members of its community.

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