Welcome to Little Big Minds Preschool!

Little Big Minds Spanish Immersion Preschool engages students ages two to five in a cross-functional curriculum that encourages exploration and a love for learning.  As a team, we work hard to provide a holistic approach to education and, of course, we do it all in Spanish!  Giving children the gift of a second language during their first few years of learning allows us to leverage brain development and to harness the robust cognitive advantages of early childhood bilingualism.

Little Big Minds is an active, happy, nurturing community. We choose to work together, learn together, and play together.  We commit ourselves to curiosity, innovation, research and evidence-based practice and leadership in the field of Early Childhood Bilingual Education. We honor and protect each student’s unique being and inherent, creative spark.  All children are invited to participate and encouraged to be curious, inquiring learners, to pursue their interests and passions and to actively seek understanding through exploration.

Our Preschool
Nuestro Preescoolar

Providing a interactive learning experience.
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Our Curriculum
Nuestro Currículo

Putting the Pieces Together, building sound fundamentals.
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Our Community
Nuestra Comunidad

Celebrating the collective beauty of individual differences.
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Our Programs
Nuestros Programas

Enrichment programs enhance our curriculum.
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Four Arizona Locations

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