Somos Un Mundo! – Annual Cultural Event

Let’s Celebrate Cultures Around the World!

Bring the whole family and join us for a trip around the world as we celebrate the beautiful diversity that makes our community so special.  The Little Big Minds One World/Un Mundo celebration is for all LBM families from all campuses to join hands as we learn about cultures, music, foods, and traditions around the world.

Event Details

  • Located at your preschool campus.
  • The event is FREE of charge and open to all family and friends.
  • Passports stamps provided at each “country”.
  • Live Music, food, and cultural performances.
  • Face painting and other crafts/activities.
somos un mundo - little big minds

Volunteer as a Culture Ambassador

We are looking for “Culture Ambassadors.”  If you are from a different country (or simply love to visit a certain region of the world) we invite you to serve as one of our very special Somos Un Mundo/One World tour guides.

Little Big Minds will provide a display board, all you need to do is add some pictures of:

  • the country flag or map of the region
  • favorite sporting event
  • traditional dress
  • or any other items that represent what is great about the country or region

No need to go to great lengths.  Everything can be easily downloaded off the internet (what did we do before Google?)

We would also love it if you could bring a sample of the local cuisine to give kids a taste of various ethnic foods. A bite-sized sample will suffice but, you should plan on enough for about 100 “little tastes”  (ie… a small meatball from Italy or a small taste of cheese from Switzerland.) Of course, if you have any trinkets or souvenirs that you are willing to display, that would be great, too.

This event, more than any other, speaks to our heart as a preschool.  We hope you will help us come together to celebrate the cultures and customs that make our community so vibrant.