Bienvenidos a nuestro campus! Welcome to our campus!

At Little Big Minds – Encanto the classroom schedule includes a balance of active and quiet learning activities, large and small group activities, indoor play centers and outdoor play. We believe that life experiences are the basis for all learning. Our teachers provide a nurturing and safe environment for students to learn and explore.

Our teachers are guides. Each day they create opportunities for students to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and imagine outcomes. They are invited to share their ideas in small groups and with the whole class and they are encouraged to test their theories. Teachers lead children in a discussion rather than simply telling children the answers.  Afterall, what could be more fun than uncovering that nugget of learning all on your own?

Our Learning Centers

Our classrooms are full of magical and intentional learning spaces. Learning centers are play-based areas that are intended to provoke thought and spark imagination:

Literacy/Library – books, pens, papers and magazines that inspire early language development, production and reading skills.

Math and Science/Manipulative – materials that encourages exploration, counting, grouping and sorting.

Mini Art Studio/Arts –  activities that inspire creativity and develop fine motor skills.

Sensory Tables – a place to explore the power of our senses (touch, sound, smell, taste)

Home Living/Dramatic Play – for role-playing, imagination and pretend-play.

Gathering Time/Circle Time – a time to share stories and songs, appreciate friends and discuss values.

Outdoor Environment & Playground

Learning doesn’t stop when the kids go outside. Just like the classroom, the playground is divided into specific areas that encourage learning through play.

Your child can choose from a variety of activities, including riding tricycles, exploring the garden, splashing in water tables, and sliding, climbing or jumping on one of several playground apparatuses. Every day is carefully structured to provide children a balance of guided activities and free-play.

Our Kids in Motion Class

Our Little Big Minds students will benefit from our customized yoga and PE program. This program focuses on psychomotor (coordination, manipulation, balance, etc…) and gross motor skill development and incorporates the importance of learning to exercise and eat right. Our children are always on the GO but we dedicate time every week to intentionally building the mind/body connection through a certified yoga/PE instructor.

Our STEM Class

We will continue to have regular visits from the Arizona Science Center’s – Science on Wheels®. This program brings Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.) to life! Hands-on experiences are aligned with our curriculum, standards and objectives. Children have the opportunity to deepen their learning through STEM topics such as Bubble-ology, Gross-ology, and DinoMITE.  This program enhances school-ready skills such as problem-solving, communication, persistence, and confidence and it helps students build real connections to the world around them.

Community Garden

Our community garden provides opportunity to discuss science (plant life cycle), health and nutrition, culture, food distribution, marketplace activities and more. It is a living garden and the cornerstone of many of our learning objectives.