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6315 E. Thunderbird Rd., Scottsdale, AZ  85254   (64th St. and Thunderbird)


The Piezas del Mundo Curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop social, linguistic, cognitive and academic skills as a multilingual learner. We believe students learn language and new concepts by being engaged in play and hands-on exploration that encourage creativity and curiosity. Our teachers will provide a variety of activities that individualize instruction to ensure developmentally appropriate choices for students to apply language in a natural environment. Each classroom is a dedicated learning center with a focus on learning through play, manipulatives, music and movement. The four areas in which students will naturally develop Spanish include: • Literacy and Dramatic Play Area (role playing, storytelling, language development) • Mathematics and Science Area (number concepts and discovery) • Fine Arts Area (painting, dance, music) • Kinesthetic Development (outdoor play).